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About Us


First and foremost we'd like to say thank you so much for visiting our website! Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We are a Michigan-based company owned and ran by black women. We were established in February 2021, however our respective experiences go further back.

Peyton: Currently the sole fabricator of all resin pieces and has made various resin projects since March 2020. This all started when I began playing D&D sometime in late 2019 with friends in which I was quickly make privy to all the beautiful dice creations there are out there! After taking a fondness to dice, I began making some of my own in early 2020. From there I've made various resin projects for myself and loved ones and have been going ever since! As for the name Nook Skate, it's actually a cross-over from another interest of mine (I bet you can guess...) roller skating! I have a personal account for skating with this name and also utilized a silhouette of my actual skate for the logo and the 20-face of our D20s. As for the 1 face, we have 'Eat Sh*t' printed on them since that's usually the term used for when you wipe out on skates and gosh there's nothing worse than rolling a 1 in terms of dice!

Stephanie: Currently the head of most behind the scenes work and the mother in this mother-daughter duo! I maintain current product photos, financials, and assist with email responses and overall brand communication. My many years of experience in finance and general analytical mindset has proven useful to these matters and I've been loving applying these skills to a community that is newer to me!

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