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  • How are these products manufactured?
All products are currently handmade by myself from start to finish. I utilize a pressure pot and self-produced silicone molds to cast all products.
  • Handmade resin products?
As a company specializing in handmade items, there is no guarantee of 'perfection', as products could have small sanding marks/minor mold lines/etc. that would be purely cosmetic and minor. We do have a standard of quality that we adhere to when listing products - If there is any sort of notable marks on, these will be listed in the description for each die.

We also plan to sell our projects that didn't meet our standards for a discounted price as our notable Crooked Click Clacks!

  • Are the dice sold here balanced?
With each set being handmade, there is no guarantee of 100% balanced dice, however each set is cast from molds we've made of our masters produced by Revel Broker Productions, assisting in uniformity and assuring that each dice functions to it's full rolling capabilities.

  • How long does it take for custom dice shipped?
  • Because commissions are made only by myself there is currently around a 2-3 week lead time on custom orders.