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Crooked Click Clack - Cotton Candy

Crooked Click Clack - Cotton Candy

Uh oh! We've got some Crooked Click Clacks on the run! Feel free to snatch these dice up knowing they still are fully functional - Just a little less loved.

What are Crooked Click Clacks? Well, they're our dice that come out less than desired from the dice-making process. These issues are only cosmetic, thus these dice still roll fine, however, there are more notable mold lines/chips/raised faces/etc. compared to their standard A-grade friends. Every die has a purpose though! These can be used to make personalized jewelry/keychains or even just for display - It's all up to you!

Style Description: These sweet-looking dice are definitely pretty enough to eat but unfortunately are not eatable. Treat yourself to some new Cotton Candy dice to give any user the sugar rush they need to get to the other side!

Dice Options: (1) d20, (1) 8

D8: 14.9mm
D20: 21.2mm

***Please note: These dice are all handmade, thus there could be slight imperfections in the dice. We've listed the most notable imperfections in A-grade each set above.
***Dice are made for recreational use and are not available for resale.
***Product contains small pieces that could be considered choking hazards.
***The D20's 1-face contains the words 'Eat Sh*t" and the 20-face has an emblem of a roller skate (Same as our logo)