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Crooked Click Clack - Melted Popsicle

Crooked Click Clack - Melted Popsicle

Who doesn't like a refreshing popsicle every now and again? These dice incorporate various swirls of color that gives every ice cream truck a run for their money.

Uh oh! We've got some Crooked Click Clacks on the run! Feel free to snatch these dice up knowing they still are fully functional - Just a little less loved.

What are Crooked Click Clacks? Well, they're our dice that come out less than desired from the dice-making process. These issues are only cosmetic, thus these dice still roll fine, however, there are more notable mold lines/chips/raised faces/etc. compared to their standard A-grade friends. Every die has a purpose though! These can be used to make personalized jewelry/keychains or even just for display - It's all up to you!

Product contains: (1) d20

D4: 17.2mm
D6: 15.0mm
D8: 14.9mm
D%: 15.9mm
D10: 15.9mm
D12: 18.9mm
D20: 21.2mm

***Please note: These dice are all handmade, thus there could be slight imperfections in the dice. We've listed the most notable imperfections in each set above.
***Dice are made for recreational use and are not available for resale.
***Product contains small pieces that could be considered choking hazards.
***The D20's 1-face contains the words 'Eat Sh*t" and the 20-face has an emblem of a roller skate (Same as our logo)