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Summer Sweetness Set

Summer Sweetness Set

If summer is your favorite season then these dice are the perfect purchase for you! These liquid-core dice are themed around various fruits for your viewing pleasure.

Set contains: (1) Iced Tea d20, (1) Fresh Kiwi d12, (1) Strawberry/Grape d10, (1) Strawberry/Grape d%, (1) Orange Juice d8, (1) Lemonade d6, and (1) Watermelon d4

D4: 17.2mm
D6: 15.0mm
D8: 14.9mm
D%: 15.9mm
D10: 15.9mm
D12: 18.9mm
D20: 21.2mm

Noted Conditions:
Set 1: Resin marks on '1/4/3' and '1/2/3' faces of d4, mold lines and mark on '1' face of d6, Small divots on '4' and '6' face of d8, Small divots on '60', '30', and '90' face of d%, small divots on '2' face of d10, small surface bubble on edge of '1'/'3' face of d12, mold mark on number of '13', '19', and '9' face of d20
Set 2: Surface bubble on corner of '1' face of d6, small imperfection in '8' of d8, small sanding mark on corner of '00' of d10, small surface bubbles and mold lines of '00' face of d10, small mark on '4' face of d12
Set 3: Small surface bubble and mold lines on edges of '1' face of d6, small marks/mold lines on '1' face of d8, sanding mark on '30' face of d10, small marks on '0'/'4'/'3' face of d10, mold lines of edges of '1' face of d12, matte mold marks/dots on '7'/'19/'13' face of d20
Set 4: Small mark on '1' face of d6, mold lines of edge of '1' face of d8, small ledge/mold line on '6' face of d6, small divots on '60' of d%, small mark on '1' face of d20

***Please note: These dice are all handmade, thus there could be slight imperfections in the dice. We've listed the most notable imperfections in each set above.
***Dice are made for recreational use and are not available for resale.
***Product contains small pieces that could be considered choking hazards.
***The D20's 1-face contains the words 'Eat Sh*t" and the 20-face has an emblem of a roller skate (Same as our logo)
***For non-pierced earrings, or D20's without 'Eat Sh*t' make sure to leave a note on your order requesting so.